Cellar Door Menu

We are not a restaurant but do serve a delicious cheese platter and have a range of drinks available to suit every palate!

Cellar Door Menu

Phaedrus Cheese Platter $25

A selection of three local and international cheeses serves with a variety of crackers and locally made quince paste.

Gluten free option available.

Wines by the Glass

Estate wines $9 Sparkling $12 Reserve Pinot Noir $15

Wines by the Bottle

Wines available at cellar door prices.

Beach Box Gin and Tonic $12

Our Estate-made gin served with Capi Dry tonic and a slice of lime.

Other Drinks

Beers $10/stubbie/can

Lemon Lime and Bitters $4

Lemonade/Lemon Squash $3